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Pledge levels
Pledge levels

Jane’s Weather is changing the way you access the weather:

Weather apps have traditionally used data from one weather model.

Traditional weather model

Jane’s Weather uses not just one, but several models, so you have all the facts, the complete picture.

Jane's Weather Model

Jane’s Weather Consensus

To make it easy to use, Jane’s Weather combines these different models into the revolutionary Jane’s Weather Consensus.

JW consensus
Spray crops

When you can spray crops

Cut hay

How long you have to cut hay before the next rain

Pour concrete

When you can pour concrete

Too dangerous conditions

If conditions are too dangerous


How much rain is likely

Cool change

When the cool change arrives

Anything you need to know to get the job done.

The weather conditions that matter to you, that help you maximise opportunities and minimise risk are pushed to you.

Jane’s Weather Alerts make sure that you are always one step ahead of the weather.


Welcome to the revolutionary Jane’s Weather App. An up to the minute, easy to use, comprehensive weather forecaster specifically designed for Australia’s complex weather.

The Jane’s Weather App

Enabling Aussies who work or play in the outdoors to make intelligent Weather-Related Decisions by Summarising Extensive Amounts of Data and Receiving Instant Alerts of Impactful Weather Events


Hi, I’m Jane Bunn. A highly qualified meteorologist for over 14 years with a passion for the weather. You may recognise me as the weather forecaster and presenter at 7NEWS Melbourne.

Jane Bunn

Before joining Channel 7, I presented the weather for various leading media outlets including, The Weather Channel, 3AW, WIN News Victoria, ABC News 24, and ABC News Melbourne.

After listening to the frustrations of many people who work this great country of ours, of the inaccuracy or lack of local detail from the current weather forecasting systems, I knew I could provide a better solution.

A solution, that with a click of a button, delivers more accurate information on a local level saving our farmers valuable time and money.

Working with a team of technology experts, we are developing the most advanced weather forecasting system available. This new technology will enable the user to set weather alerts that will affect the running of their farm and provide precise short- and long-range weather patterns so they can plan weeks in advance.

With many other great features being developed by my team, the Jane’s Weather app will revolutionise weather forecasting. Now we are searching for individuals and businesses who want to jump on board before we officially launch. To help us with funding so we can continue to invest in this state-of-the-art technology.

Become a Founding Member today, and you’ll receive access to the future of weather forecasting. Helping farmers and other industries, who rely on the weather, increase production, and decrease their loss through sudden unexpected weather conditions.

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Premium subscription will include:

  • Save multiple locations, so you can see the weather just for your area of interest in one click
  • Tailored alerts for these multiple locations
  • Data from four weather models
  • The revolutionary Jane’s Weather Consensus

Enjoy these special benefits:

  • Locked in Discounted Founding Membership Rate for Life.
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  • Exclusivity to Try Out New Features First.
  • Give Feedback So We Can Make Improvements That Matter to You.
  • Participate in Our Monthly Video Chat Showcasing Developments and New Ideas.
  • Q&A with Jane Bunn and Members of the Team.
  • Communicate with Like-Minded Users to Discuss Upcoming Weather Events.

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Receive All Your Vital Weather Information and Alerts to Maximise Your Yield.

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The Jane's Weather App is Perfect For

  • Farmers who want better weather forecasting systems
  • Tradespeople who work outdoors and are affected by the weather
  • Commercial fishermen who rely on long-range forecasting and up to the hour alerts
  • Transport operators who don’t want to get caught in poor weather
  • Earthmovers and landscapers who don’t want a job ruined because of the weather
  • Forestry and logging contractors who deal with sudden changes to the weather
  • Mining operators who shut down in poor weather
  • Skiers and snowboarders who want alerts of the best snow conditions
  • Golfers who want an uninterrupted game
  • Outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, mountain bikers, campers, and horse riders
  • Recreational Fishermen who don’t want to get blown out to sea
  • Water sports enthusiasts such as surfers, divers, sailors, and kayakers
  • Motorsport’s enthusiasts, both professional and weekend warriors
  • Outdoor team sports participants such as cricketers, netballers, and footballers
  • Skydivers, hang gliders, ballooners, and para sailors
  • Triathletes and marathon runners

Become a

Founding Member

Receive All Your Vital Weather Information and Alerts to Maximise Your Yield.

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Safe and secure payment

Jane’s Weather will help you by:

Thoroughly forecasting the wind, so your fertiliser goes on your crops, you don’t get caught in rough seas, or have materials dangerously flying around your job site.

Detailed forecasting of upcoming rainfall, so you know when to plant your crop or pour concrete.

Alerting you about deteriorating weather conditions, so you can protect yourself against loss of harvest, get back to port, get off the mountain, or return to the clubhouse.

Alerting you about fresh snow, so you can make the most out of your next ski trip or get below the snow line if you are camping or hiking.

And so much more!

Here is a taste of what we are developing:

Tablet and mobile website

The Jane’s Weather app is designed to be user friendly and fully customisable. My concept was to deliver all your vital weather information and specific alerts that concern you directly to your phone or tablet, whether sitting in the tractor or walking the back paddock.

It provides detailed hour by hour projections of what the weather will do. Users can set up their profiles with a range of locations and filters specific to their needs. At any time, rain, snow, pressure, wind, cloud, and temperature can be selected and displayed in a summary, specific to your exact location on a map.

Jane’s Weather puts you front and centre. Everything is designed around your location, ensuring your farm is in the middle of the map. This way you have access to the weather conditions that concern you and can prepare for them in advance.

With your generous pledge, my team can continue to develop the app so together, we can help more farmers increase their annual production and secure their families financial future.

Thank you in advance. With your help, we can make Jane’s Weather exactly what you need.

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