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Advancing Yield with Precision Weather Forecasting

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Jane’s Weather creates advanced weather forecasting systems to help Australian farmers boost agricultural output.

We produce tailored weather forecasts and insights by combining top-performing global weather models with on-site observations. 

Improve your farm’s output with unique and specific guidance on weather related to frost, spraying, irrigation, planting, harvest, storms, and flooding. 

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Guidance specifically for agriculture, including:

• good spraying conditions

• frost risk

• storms, heavy rain, hail and strong winds

• evapotranspiration to schedule irrigation

• solar energy for power and growth

• growing degree days to plan the harvest

• weather conducive to pests and diseases

“As Founder and Meteorologist, I’m ensuring that Australian farmers can access the best weather information derived from domestic and global data sources, tailored to provide insights specific to your property to enhance yield and productivity."

Jane Bunn

Full Picture Guidance

We combine top performing global weather models, so you have all the guidance in one easy to use forecast.

No need to jump between different websites and apps, we have all that data here.

We utilise Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to learn from on-site observations, producing the most accurate forecast for your farm.

Some of our data is provided by the Bureau of Meteorology, but we make it available 11 to 38 hours ahead of their forecasts.

We produce hour by hour forecasts for the next ten days.

Never Miss Important Weather

Our algorithms provide guidance on the weather needed to make operational decisions.

No more manual calculations - we let you know hour by hour when specific conditions are likely to impact you.

Notifications are sent to you so you can always take advantage of the weather.

About Jane

Jane Bunn is a highly credentialed meteorologist with an infectious enthusiasm for the weather.

As Channel 7 Melbourne's resident weather forecaster and presenter, Jane is featured on the 6pm and 4pm News as well as National Bulletins, and special events.

Broadcasting since 2008 she is a familiar face in lounge rooms across southeastern Australia.

Bachelor of Science (Atmospheric Science and Meteorology), Monash University 2005

Graduate Diploma of Meteorology, Australian Bureau of Meteorology 2006

We Advise When

Conditions are suitable to spray crops

Our proprietary formula takes into account delta-t, wind, temperature and cloud cover.

Rain is forecast

Know when rain is heavy enough that you need to take action to avoid losses, or there is the risk of any rain for moisture sensitive projects.

Frost is a concern

Our forecasts utilise not just temperature but wind and cloud cover too. Hour by hour throughout the night and morning.

Storms.. heat.. cold.. wind.. snow.. comfort.. UV.. and more

Easily assess whether conditions put your activities at risk.

Satellite, radar and warnings all on the one interactive map

with your farm in the centre

Rain and Temperature outlooks for the weeks and months ahead

Beyond 10 days, guidance on whether conditions are likely to be above or below average. Clearly see hot or cold spells, and wet or dry periods. The risk of extreme weather.

The latest on what drives the weather, including El Nino/La Nina, the Indian Ocean Dipole, the strength of our rain bearing lows, and the connection to the tropics.

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Pricing and Features

Basic forecasts for free

  • Hourly forecasts for five days
  • Only showing Temperature, Rain, Cloud and Wind

Upgrade for enhanced features

Current Conditions

  • Radar
  • Satellites
  • Current Observations
  • Warnings

Seasonal Forecasts

  • Weekly and Monthly Temperature and Rain Outlooks
  • Forecasts for the Pacific Ocean (La Nina/El Nino), the Indian Ocean (IOD), SAM and MJO - the drivers of our weather

Hourly Forecasts and Notifications

  • Hourly forecasts for ten days
  • Enhanced features including Feels Like Temperature, Spraying Conditions, Frost Risk, Evapotranspiration and more...
  • Notifications to ensure you remain ahead of the weather

Other Services

The Jane’s Weather API allows companies to utilise the power of our forecasts and alerts within their own platform or site.

We offer packages that include API access along with company branded notifications to clients, staff or customers.

Have Jane Bunn as guest speaker at your next function and advertise on our platform.

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"Thanks again for your weather forecasts; so important to so many of our farming and rural industries"

Alex Arbuthnot

Former VFF President

"Weather conditions are crucial to my business and this is perfect for my needs as the spray alert is simple to look at"

Brett Hazelman

BMG-Ag Spray Contractors

"A wonderful platform and one which I can see will be really useful to agriculture across the country."

Ros Ritchie

Ros Ritchie Wines

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