Tuesday 10th May, 1:46 AM

Flooding rain in QLD, spreading down across NSW and into northern VIC

Out of season, potentially flooding rain, is affecting QLD. This rain should spread down across NSW and into northern VIC.

An out of season rain event is underway in Queensland, affecting both the coast and much of inland areas.

Upper atmosphere energy (from late last week's cold outbreak in the southeast) has travelled up over central Australia, and that fuels a trough that has settled in on the QLD coast and another huge trough snaking down through the eastern states.

These troughs are being fed by a big push of tropical moisture from the Pacific Ocean (another lingering effect of La Nina), pushed in by another stubborn high pressure system over the southeast.

See those surface features here, and imagine the deep upper level energy controlling all of that like the human you can't see controlling a puppet:

All of these factors work together to bring rain. The latest warnings.

The rain will spread southwards as the high ridges up the east coast. Spreading through NSW on Wednesday, and northern VIC on Thursday into Friday. See the rain in action here.

But it doesn't go much further as the ranges block most of the rain from crossing into southern VIC, and the high stops it from entering TAS. The trough isn't far enough west to bring any of this to SA or NT.